Case Studies

Coal mining and storage

In coal mines, when a fire breaks out in the oxidation area of the goaf, the biggest disaster is the explosion of the internal gas mixture. Nitrogen filling can control the oxygen content in the mixture below 12%, which can not only suppress the probability of explosion, but also prevent spontaneous combustion of coal, making the working environment safer.

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Oil Extraction

Nitrogen is a standard gas that repressurizes oil and gas from large wells/gas reservoirs with dry dry. Using the characteristics of nitrogen to maintain the pressure of the oil layer, mixed phase and immiscible flooding and gravity drainage technology can greatly improve oil recovery, which is also of great significance for stabilizing oil production and improving oil production.

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Natural Gas Extraction

Nitrogen is used for oil and gas’s storage, transportation, pouring, drawing, sealing, loading/unloading etc. Also for pipes purging, leakage detection, and combustible gases protections.

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For chemicals industry O2, N2, H2, CO2 are all required and the applications are very wide. Nitrogen is used for purging, inerting, cooling etc. Other gases are used for purposes like reaction agents. Like for ammonia & fertilizers production, nitrogen is required.

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Metal or metallurgy are always used for metals production and processing, annealing protective gas, sintering protective gas, furnace purging and protection, ion cutting etc. These various applications include steel pipe production, steel manufacturing, welding protection, aluminum refining, copper processing, Galvanizing metal band, oxidizing metals, magnetic materials, heat treatment, power metallurgy etc. These applications have different requirements for nitrogen qualities and parameters, some requiring purity 99% while some requiring 99.999% with dew point below -60°C.

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Fruits and vegetables

This application for storage of fruits and vegetables is called Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage. Nitrogen generator together with other equipment like CO2 scrubber constitute a system to generate nitrogen gas to a cold warehouse. In this way nitrogen is full of cold warehouse to reach the purpose of fruits and vegetables preservation.

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For electronics industry the applications include SMT, semiconductor manufacturing, diode manufacturing, Integrated circuit, Lithium battery, air conditioner, piezoelectric crystal etc.

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Fire Prevention And Extinguishing

Nitrogen has no combustion effect, and appropriate nitrogen injection can play a role in fire prevention and fire extinguishing.

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Waste burning

The oxygen in the incinerator is used to support the combustion process of the waste. During incineration, waste needs to undergo a chemical reaction with oxygen to release energy and convert it into ash. Therefore, the oxygen in the waste incinerator plays a role in promoting the combustion of waste. At the same time, oxygen can also help burn out harmful substances in garbage, thereby reducing environmental pollution. However, too much oxygen will cause the combustion process of garbage to be too violent, generating too much heat and exhaust gases, and increasing the risk of environmental pollution. Therefore, the oxygen in the waste incinerator needs to be controlled in the appropriate proportion.

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