Gas Cloud Platform Monitoring & Alarm System


The integrated gas monitoring and alarm system combines several key functions into one comprehensive solution. It continuously tracks operational metrics such as pressures, purity levels, and flow rates across various areas of the facility. Additionally, it provides maintenance scheduling reminders, logs troubleshooting records, sends alarm notifications when anomalies occur, and allows for adjustment of configurable parameters.

The system pulls together monitoring of dynamic performance data, scheduled maintenance activities, historical troubleshooting documentation, alert triggering thresholds, and configuration settings into a unified platform. This convergence of capabilities streamlines operations and oversight.

Product Details

The integrated gas monitoring and alarm management system combines monitoring of operational parameters, maintenance reminders, troubleshooting logs, and alarm notifications along with settings for adjusting parameters.

It continuously collects real-time working data such as pressures, purities, and flow rates from all hospital areas including operating rooms, ICUs, patient wards, and gas machine rooms. This information is transmitted via a data bus to a centralized monitoring computer where it undergoes processing and scrutiny.

Key capabilities of this intelligently designed, modular system include:

-Displaying monitoring information on PCs and mobile devices
-Customizability to suit specific hospital environments
-Cross-platform data sharing through professional interfaces
-Maintaining historical records of parameter readings
-Issuing alarms when gas supply becomes abnormal
-Automatically generating oxygen consumption reports
-Printing data tables for all gases across the facility
-Bus-based data acquisition requiring minimal wiring for easy expansion
-Option for wired or wireless data transmission

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