For electronics industry the applications include SMT, semiconductor manufacturing, diode manufacturing, Integrated circuit, Lithium battery, air conditioner, piezoelectric crystal etc.
Let’s take SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) for instance. Nitrogen is used for anti-oxidation of reflow soldering, wave soldering to increase the soldering joint quality greatly.

To choose a suitable model of nitrogen generator, SMT user shall firstly know the nitrogen purity in furnace to know that of nitrogen generator. Of course the high purity the better effect of soldering. 99.99% purity (O2 100ppm) is mostly used, while 99.9% and 99.999% are used by a few ones. The purity must be decided according to different classes of products, allowed failure rate, purity decreasing etc.

Flow rate of nitrogen shall be based on actual N2 consumptions of all furnaces. “actual” means the data by field measured but not nominal data from furnace suppliers.

Purity decreasing may occur during transport from outside workshop or machine long times operation or poor maintenance.

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