Engineering Of Central Gas Supply Work


The medical gas supply and engineering solution encompasses a comprehensive array of hardware components and installation services. The equipment offering includes oxygen generation systems, manifold-based oxygen reserves, liquid oxygen storage, vacuum pumps, compressed air systems, as well as the associated pipeline distribution networks. Complementing the gas supply infrastructure are nurse call systems and bedside unit integration.

Product Details

A comprehensive medical gas supply and distribution system integrates both equipment components and professional engineering services. The hardware offering encompasses oxygen generation systems, manifold and liquid oxygen reserves, vacuum pumps, compressed air plants, as well as the pipeline networks for delivering these utilities. Complementary systems like nurse call stations and bedside utility connections are also included.

On the engineering side, the turnkey solution requires meticulous planning and execution. Preparatory work involves reviewing drawings, formulating construction schedules, and coordinating with installation teams. The piping installation follows detailed processes like pre-welding preparation, pipe cutting/deburring, dry-fitting of sections, vertical pipe assembly, and more. Equipment is installed only after passing receipt inspections, with subsequent steps for repositioning, anchoring, grouting, and commissioning.

Staging of materials, tools, labor, and security provisions must be carefully coordinated across all phases. Required resources span cutting equipment, welding gear, personnel like pipe fitters and welders, and more. Each stage has subsidiary tasks and requirements that build on one another.

Being familiar with these conditions and regulations, YOUCHI Together with its partners is capable of doing this job to complete the system at site.

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