Methane Pyrolysis Method


Our gas separation and purification technology for hydrogen production plants organically combine technologies of PSA gas purification, cryogenic separation and chemical absorption to adapt to different gas source conditions and product performance requirements, and provide users with the best solution.

High-quality H2 adsorbents, CO special adsorbents and other adsorbents with large adsorption capacity, good selectivity, high strength and long service life with world class advanced level are adopted. Equipped with intelligent control systems, functions such as automatic pressure adjustment, fault self-diagnosis, automatic parameter optimization, and system safety interlock are realized for our hydrogen generation units.

Especially in fuel cell application we have rich experiences in engineering of fuel cell grade Hydrogen.

1) Compact size, reasonable and beautiful layout, concise process among similar products make smaller installation area.

2) Operates stably and run continuously throughout the year without stop. Also start and stop at any time if required is available.

3) Automation level is higher than that of similar products, unmanned management at site available.

4) Operate safely and stably under the condition of 50%-100% flow rates and load adjustment freely.

Product Details

Feed material: methane

Under the action of the catalyst methanol and water take a chemical cracking transformation decomposition reaction to generate about 75% H2 and about 24% CO2, also containing a minor CH4 and CO. After heat exchange, condensation, and purification of the converted gas, the purified gas is sequentially passed through the adsorption towers filled with various adsorbents to separate and remove CO, CH4, and CO2, and finally the product hydrogen is achieved.

Overall reaction: CH3OH+H2O=CO2+3H2. △H=+49.5 KJ/mol
Secondary reaction: 2CH3OH=CH3OCH3+H2O. △H= -24.9 KJ/mol
CO+3H2=CH4+H2O. △H= -206.3KJ/mol

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