Waste Water Treatment

As economy and society develop much domestic waste water and industrial waste water are being produced every day. How to change them into clear water is what matters much for people’s life and environment.

Activated sludge water treatment method is one of the popular ones. The process is mechanically gridded, precipitated, aerated, secondary precipitation etc. Of all aeration is the key of the process. Microorganism in waste water live on the waste water as nutriment by converting it into CO2 and H2O. They consume oxygen while doing this job, so enough oxygen content in waste water is a key to improve the efficiency of this process.

Using our O2 plant is an excellent solution for this issue practically. There is an oxygen delivery technology to use air cushions made of rubber hoses with micropores. Air cushion is put at the bottom of waste water to let oxygen generated go out of it to water for oxygen diffusion. The bigger area the air cushion, the better effect the oxygen diffusion to water.

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