Other Absorbents & Catalysts


1) High-quality H2 adsorbents, CO special adsorbents and other adsorbents with large adsorption capacity, good selectivity, high strength and long service life with world class advanced level are adopted.

2) While removing specific gas, the pressure of alkane components can be retained.

3) The selectivity is good, and the adsorption capacity for components other than the specific gas to be removed is weak.

4) Strong anti-interference ability, light hydrocarbons, sulfides and other components in syngas have no effect on the performance of the adsorbent.

5) Using PSA and TSA technologies to remove complex organic compositions. Compared with the hydrogenation method, the the energy consumption is lower.

Product Details

Other absorbents include below:
Denitrification (nitrogen removal),
Desulfurization (sulfur removal),
Dehydration (water removal),
debenzolization (benzene removal),
detar (tar removal), naphthalene removal,
denitration (nitre removal),
hydrocarbon removal

More than 30 kinds of desulfurizers, catalysts, molecular sieve, and purifiers are widely used in coarse and fine denitrification, desulfurization, dehydration, benzene removal, tar removal, naphthalene removal, and denitration in the fields of coal, natural gas, petroleum, and industrial tail gas. Among them many multi-functional desulfurizers and ultra-fine desulfurizers are the first in China.

Feed: natural gas, ammonia syngas, coke gas, CO2 etc.

Available output parameters:

Name Formula Product (output)
Sulfur S <0.1ppm (0.1mg/Nm3)
Nitrogen N <1ppm
Water H2O <1ppm
Hydrogen sulfide H2S <10mg/Nm3
Nitre NOx <10mg/Nm3
Carbon dioxide CO2 <0.1ppm
Carbon monoxide CO <0.1ppm
Hydroccarbon HC <0.05ppm
Benzene C6H6 <10mg/Nm3
Naphthalene C10H8 <1mg/Nm3

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