Carbon Removal (Decarburization) & Capture


A special adsorbent for carbon capture has been developed, and the low-pressure adsorption force and adsorption capacity have been improved through special treatment of flue gas, and energy-saving optimization has been carried out in the process.

Developed and used low-pressure pressure swing adsorption (0.05MPa) carbon capture package technology to replace traditional pressure swing adsorption technology (0.5-06MPa). The two main advantages are lower energy consumption and less investment, and there is no amine adsorption method Corrosion, secondary pollution and other issues.

Product Details

Feed: natural gas, marsh gas, shift gas, industrial tail gas,
Product: CO2<0.2%, CO2 capture rate ≥99%, CO recovery rate >98%

Example 1:
Project name – Decarburization of 30000Nm3/h shift gas.
Feed gas – Pressure 1.6MPa. Temperature: 40 °C. Composition –H2 51%, CO2 29%, CO 0.6%, N2 17%, O2 0.5%, H2S 500mg/Nm3.
Product gas – CO2<0.4%, CO2 capture rate ≥99%, H2S<10mg/Nm3, H2 recovery rate ≥99.9%

Example 2:
Project name – Natural gas treatment or purification of 80000Nm3/h.
Feed gas – Pressure 1.6MPa. Temperature: 40 °C. Composition –CH4 90-99%, CO2 1%, C3+ 3%, N2 1%
Product gas – CH4+C2+N2 ≥99%, CO2 <0.2%, C3+ < 0.1%

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