Metal or metallurgy are always used for metals production and processing, annealing protective gas, sintering protective gas, furnace purging and protection, ion cutting etc. These various applications include steel pipe production, steel manufacturing, welding protection, aluminum refining, copper processing, Galvanizing metal band, oxidizing metals, magnetic materials, heat treatment, power metallurgy etc. These applications have different requirements for nitrogen qualities and parameters, some requiring purity 99% while some requiring 99.999% with dew point below -60°C.

Heat treatment method is to provide protective gas for industrial furnaces for processing of bright annealing, bright quenching, metallic power sintering, nitridation treatment, purging etc. nitrogen-base atmosphere heat treatment is a new technology of energy saving, security, being green, which can be used for most of heat treatment process.

For steelmaking oxygen is very important for the process. The principle is to use oxygen as oxidizing agent to remove impurities like carbon, sulfur, phosphorus. Oxygen is input to furnace to take chemical reaction with those impurity elements under high temperature, to change them to waste gas or solid to throw off. These undesired elements finally become waste gas or furnace cinder to be dumped.

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