Hydrogen Purification & Capture


Developed a high separation coefficient, high-precision special hydrogen extraction adsorbent and high-yield pressure swing adsorption process, which can separate and purify hydrogen from industrial by-product hydrogen-containing gas. The hydrogen product meets the requirements of fuel cell hydrogen and high-purity hydrogen.

High strength and excellent performance. It not only has a large dynamic adsorption capacity for hydrocarbon impurities and CO2 components, but also is easy to desorb, and has stable performance for long-term use.

Compared with EU/US/Japan origin adsorbents, the performance of this adsorbent is similar, but the price is much lower.

Product Details

Feed: shift gas, coke gas, industrial waste gas
Product: H2 purity ≥99%, H2 capture rate ≥90%
Project –H2 recovery of 40000Nm3/h coke gas.
Feed gas –Pressure 1.7MPa. Temperature: 40 °C. Composition –H2 55%, CH4 25%, CO2 2%, CO 7%, N2 4%, O2 0.5%
Product –H2 purity ≥99.9%, H2 capture rate ≥90%

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