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PSA N2 Generators

PSA means Pressure Swing Adsorption. This On Site PSA nitrogen generator is based on following working principle. Compressed air through filtration and purification to remove remnant water, oil, dust, and then enters adsorption vessel filled with molecular Sieve. Oxygen is absorbed by sieve and desired nitrogen passes to output as product as .

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Membrane N2 Generators

Due to permeability differences of each gas, when compressed air goes through the membrane units, oxygen passes through membrane walls to atmosphere, while nitrogen is collected at outlet as a product gas. Higher pressure leads to higher permeability of each gas.

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Liquid N2 Generator

On site liquid nitrogen generation plant makes it possible for customers not to purchase liquid nitrogen LN2,and saves troubles of its transport, evaporation loss, carrying dangers etc.

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Modular N2 Generators

This kind of portable integrated modular nitrogen generators are a good replacement or supplement of big scale nitrogen generator, gas cylinders, or liquid nitrogen.

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Compressors / Blowers

Compressors are always auxiliary facilities of our gas generation systems, acting as very import parts. We take them seriously for choosing subvendors, and know well in quality of main brands. And we have reliable manufacturers for them.

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