Natural Gas Extraction

Nitrogen is used for oil and gas’s storage, transportation, pouring, drawing, sealing, loading/unloading etc. Also for pipes purging, leakage detection, and combustible gases protections.
For blanketing of tankers nitrogen is injected to tankers to replace oxygen up inside.
For purging usage harmful or bad medium undesired is discharged to atmosphere with dry nitrogen instead.
For diesel hydrogenation high purity nitrogen is always required.
For oil exploitation nitrogen is blended with steam or foaming agent to pour into oil well for increase of oil quantity.
For environment protection purpose to reduce growth of microbe, oil waste water requires anaerobic environment.
For refinery nitrogen is used for cooling catalysts for shutdown process. It hastens this process.
For LNG Liquid Natural Gas nitrogen is used explosion-proof when taking overhaul/maintenance in the gas station.

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