High Reliability, High Performance, Low Operating Costs Perfect Field Gas Solution

Carbon Removal (Decarburization) & Capture

A special adsorbent for carbon capture has been developed, and the low-pressure adsorption force and adsorption capacity have been improved through special treatment of flue gas, and energy-saving optimization has been carried out in the process.

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Hydrogen Purification & Capture

High strength and excellent performance. It not only has a large dynamic adsorption capacity for hydrocarbon impurities and CO2 components, but also is easy to desorb, and has stable performance for long-term use.

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Other Absorbents & Catalysts

More than 30 kinds of desulfurizers, catalysts, molecular sieve, and purifiers are widely used in coarse and fine denitrification, desulfurization, dehydration, benzene removal, tar removal, naphthalene removal, and denitration in the fields of coal, natural gas, petroleum, and industrial tail gas. Among them many multi-functional desulfurizers and ultra-fine desulfurizers are the first in China.

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