Modular N2 Generators


Our cutting-edge modular N2 generators offer a flexible and effective substitute for liquid nitrogen, gas cylinders, and large-scale nitrogen generators. These integrated, transportable units provide a dependable and practical solution for a range of uses that call for premium nitrogen gas.
Our Modular N2 Generators are perfect for specialist applications like ELSD, LC-MS equipment for VOC detection, carrier gas, purge gas, sample preparations, food packing, and fire extinguishing systems. They are also perfect for laboratories, universities, R&D centers, institutes, and factories.
There is no need for significant infrastructure adjustments because of the design's portability and compactness, which enable simple installation and smooth integration into existing facilities. You may enjoy a steady and dependable supply of high-purity nitrogen gas with our modular N2 generators, freeing you from the trouble of handling large gas cylinders or the logistics and safety issues associated with liquid nitrogen.
Our Modular N2 Generators are designed to deliver maximum efficiency, dependability, and performance. They are built with sturdy construction and cutting-edge parts to ensure low maintenance and long-lasting operation. With our modular N2 generators, enjoy the affordability, flexibility, and ease of on-site nitrogen generation.

Product Details

Benefits of integrated portable N2 generators:

Utilizing state-of-the-art, time-tested PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, our modular N2 generators guarantee superior stability, high purity, and a long lifespan. In comparison with other techniques like membrane separation and electrochemical procedures, PSA is more efficient and has a slower rate of deterioration than membrane-based systems.

Innovative Design:
To reduce the effects of temperature, noise, and vibration from the compressor, we have used a segregated multi-tank design. The nitrogen-generating process will operate at peak efficiency and dependability thanks to this sophisticated design strategy.

Sophisticated Control:
Whole-process temperature control is a characteristic of our modular N2 generators that helps to keep the compressor functioning under steady circumstances. A multi-point PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controls the system, providing accurate flow control and leakage prevention to ensure dependable and constant nitrogen production.

Comprehensive Compressor Protection:
We incorporate overload and over-temperature precautions because we value the longevity and safety of our compressors. An extra degree of security is offered by the system’s pressure protection features and protections against external device malfunctions.

Interlocking Control and Remote Monitoring:
Our modular N2 generators provide several patterns of interlocked control for external devices to meet different needs. With the system’s capabilities for remote control and alert notifications, managing and monitoring the nitrogen-generating process can be done easily and remotely.

Stringent Quality Control:
Strict controls have been put in place to guarantee the purity of the nitrogen that is produced. It is possible to manage rejected nitrogen using a variety of patterns, ensuring that your application receives only high-purity nitrogen.

User-Friendly Interface and Support:
The Modular N2 Generators notify you of system conditions and offer reminders for maintenance and malfunctions. The user interface makes it simple for users to navigate and efficiently operate the system by providing online assistance and operating instructions.
With our cutting-edge technology, creative designs, intricate controls, all-encompassing security, and intuitive features, our Modular N2 Generators provide dependable, effective, and superior nitrogen generation for your particular requirements.

Installation is convenient. Plug and play.
Operation convenient. Start and stop through one button. Manual and auto modes for options to make idea consumption consumptions.
Auto startup and stop.
LCD screen to display all working parameters.
Movement convenient. All-direction wheels.

Built-in oil-free silent compressors, working 7*24 hours to meet the requirements of the third test parties and scientific research institutions.
Equipped with four stages of high-efficiency filters and semiconductor-type refrigerant drying technology to achieve nitrogen dew point -50°C or below.
Adopt a UK-origin CIYY 2FO nitrogen analyzer.
Absorbers are of aluminum alloy materials with multi-modular types. Output nitrogen quality up to 0.01μm in dust particles.
Filter precision is up to 0.01μm to remove tiny particles like phthalates, and NDMA.
AIRTAC solenoid valves to enable stable performances.
No need for chemical materials as adsorbents. (electrochemical one requires chemical liquid)
Stainless steel air storage tank.


Nitrogen purity99.0%99.5%
Delivery pressure0.6MPa/87psi0.6MPa/87psi
Dew point-50°C-50°C
Liquid residuenilnil
Power supply220v/230v, 50Hz/60Hz220v/230v, 50Hz/60Hz
Ambient temperature5°C-40°C5°C-40°C
Noise level<55dB(A)<55dB(A)
Gross weight150KG130KG
Capacity 6.5L/min 20L/min
Nitrogen purity 98.0% 98.0%
Delivery pressure 0.6MPa/87psi 0.6MPa/87psi
Dew point -45°C -45°C
Power 0.75kW 1.8kW
Cleanliness 0.01μm 0.01μm
Liquid residue nil nil
Phthalate nil nil
Oil nil nil
Power supply 220v/230v, 50Hz/60Hz 220v/230v, 50Hz/60Hz
Ambient temperature 5°C-40°C 5°C-40°C
Noise level <55dB(A) <55dB(A)
Size 38cm47cm100cm 65cm45cm120cm
Gross weight 50KG 125KG

*For more models, please contact us. Customized models are available.
*5L/min-2000L/min, 95%-99.9995% available. Higher pressures are also available.

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