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Innovations in CO2 Capture and Reuse

As concerns grow over rising CO2 emissions, CO2 recovery technology offers a sustainable solution – transforming waste gas into usable resource. CO2 recovery units allow organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and extract economic value from emitted CO2.

YouChi Gas leverages cutting-edge designs to drive efficiency and performance in our CO2 recovery units. As a leading China wholesale CO2 recovery units supplier and manufacturer, we integrate the latest technological advances with a commitment to quality manufacturing.

Key Features of YouChi Gas CO2 Recovery Units

Fully Automated Operations

Unmanned on-site management

Continuous Stable Performance

Reliable year-round operation

Advanced Control and Monitoring

Remote system access and data tracking

Alarm capabilities

Logistic system integration

High Recovery Rates

Our innovative process achieves >98% recovery

Low Regeneration Gas

Environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient


YouChi Gas CO2 recovery units support sustainable resource utilization across industries including:

Power Plants

Oil Refineries

Chemical Production

Fermentation Processes

Other sources of vented CO2

Units Process CO2-containing gas streams including flue gas, marsh gas, chemical tail gas, fermentation gas, and more.

With models ranging 50-10,000 kg/h, we provide customized solutions tailored to your specific CO2 recovery needs.

Partner with YouChi Gas

As a leading China CO2 recovery units supplier and manufacturer, YouChi Gas delivers technologically-advanced and eco-friendly CO2 capture solutions. With over 15 years of experience driving innovation, our expert engineering teams design systems optimized for reliability, efficiency, and performance.

Contact our technical staff to discuss your application and project requirements. Discover how our CO2 recovery offerings can reduce emissions for a greener tomorrow.


CO2 Recovery Units


1) Fully automated operation eliminates the need for on-site personnel, allowing for seamless and efficient functioning of the CO2 Recovery Units.
2) Consistent and reliable performance ensures uninterrupted operation throughout the year, providing a dependable solution for your CO2 recovery needs.
3) Advanced distributed control system offers sophisticated logic control, interlocking, and alarming functions, enabling optimal process conditions and swift issue resolution.
4) User-friendly operator and engineer stations display real-time data, alarms, and remote start/stop capabilities, facilitating easy monitoring and control from any location.
5) Exceptional regeneration gas efficiency, with a compact requirement and recovery rates surpassing 98%, maximizes CO2 recovery while minimizing resource consumption for enhanced sustainability and cost savings.

Product Details

Feed gases: Flue gas, marsh gas, chemical tail gas, fermentation gas, lime kiln gas, etc.


The CO2 recovery unit process begins with the raw material gas, carbon dioxide, being pressurized by a booster fan before entering the washing tower. Once washed, the CO2 gas moves into the dechlorination tower, where any traces of chlorine are removed. The purified carbon dioxide then undergoes compression in the CO2 compressor before being cooled and separated from water in a water-cooling and separation stage.
The compressed and cooled CO2 gas then enters a series of dryer absorbers, where moisture is effectively removed to ensure a high-quality product. To optimize energy efficiency, the dried raw material gas passes through a reheating heat exchanger, recovering the cooling capacity before entering the liquefaction process.
In the liquefier, the compressed CO2 gas exchanges heat with Freon, causing the carbon dioxide to condense. The condensed CO2 then flows into the rectification tower, where it undergoes further purification. The purified carbon dioxide liquid collects at the bottom of the tower and is directed to the reboiler for heating.
After the reboiler, the heated CO2 liquid is subcooled by a cooler to achieve the desired temperature. Finally, the high-quality, purified, and subcooled carbon dioxide liquid is supplied to customers as the end product.

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