LNG / CNG Plants


1) The liquefaction process of our LNG plants adopts the new DMR refrigeration process, which has low energy consumption and effectively reduces the safety risk of the screw.

2) All valves in the cold box are welded, and there is no flange connection in the cold box, which minimizes possible leaks in the cold box.

3) The LNG process is mature and reliable, the process organization is advanced, the operation and maintenance are simple, and only 3 operators are required for one shift. Starts up quickly (startup time is less than 3 hours). It is especially suitable for small skid-mounted natural gas liquefaction equipment.

4) High degree of integration. The skid-mounted design and manufacture of the device reduces the on-site installation workload, shortens the installation time, and saves the floor area.

Product Details

Feed gas: natural gas, coke gas, coal bed gas, biogas.

Product gas: Liquefied Natural Gas / Compressed Natural Gas

The pressurized feed air is filtered and separated, and then enters booster to be pressurized to 4.5MPa.A. After cooled, it is sent to the decarbonization equipment for carbon removal, the mercury removal tower for mercury removal, and the dehydration device for water removal. Then the dried air enters the cold box, where it is cooled to -162°C by the returning low-temperature medium through the main heat exchanger, and then sent to the LNG storage tank after throttling and depressurization.

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