He Recovery Plant


1) This advanced solution delivers a higher degree of purity and consistency compared to conventional technologies.

2) It enables attaining ultra-high purity levels up to 99.999%.

3) The system operates in a largely automated manner, minimizing manual oversight.

4) Operating at normal ambient temperatures results in low energy usage and costs.

5) A proprietary patented process drastically reduces helium venting losses, with helium recovery rates exceeding 98%.

Product Details

Helium finds extensive applications across defense, electronics, healthcare, aerospace, nuclear industries and more.

The feed sources can include natural gas, gas from oil fields, and other sources rich in helium content.

The purification process begins with removing nitrogen and methane from the raw feed gas using a denitrification unit to obtain a helium-enriched mixed gas stream. This concentrate then enters a low-temperature adsorption section where further refining takes place to extract very high purity helium product. After heating and heat exchange, the purified helium gets transported to product storage. The regeneration off-gas from the low-temp adsorbers gets recycled back to the front-end for further recovery.

Alternatively, the company’s systems employ pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to achieve direct helium purification up to 99.999% without requiring the low-temperature adsorption stage, streamlining the process.

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