It is known that for fish growth in fish farms or fish ponds, oxygen plays the most important role in the growth compared to other parameters like temperature, suspended solid etc. For a aquaculture dissolved oxygen in water should be continuously monitored all the time. Enough dissolved oxygen in fish farms or fish ponds will not only help improve water quality and reduce or prevent fish diseases, but also efficiently reduce the food coefficient to improve profit. A fish consumes around 1.0g oxygen per kg per hour.

Our oxygen generators are developed to solve this problem to supply sufficient oxygen to fish in aquacultures. How to use exactly O2 generators is very import to achieve growth and reducing cost. Model selection should be based on the depth of water, ponds area, per unit yield etc. And something else like startup time at the right time also matters much. In the evening start it one hour in advance before fish oxygen deficiency time has a better effect than startup when deficiency just starts.

Below are a chart of relations between saturation level of oxygen and Feed Conversion Rates (FCR), Growth Rates, Mortality Rates.

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