About The CO2 Recovery Plant

A carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery plant is a facility that captures and cleans CO2 emissions from power plants and industrial processes. The CO2 can then be used in other applications or stored safely.

CO2 recovery plant

The Process of CO2 Recovery Plant

Flue Gases

In the petrochemical industry, CO2 can be recovered from flue gases using low-temperature heat.

Biogas Facility

A seven-step purification process can be used to produce a food-grade CO2. The steps include filtering, washing, distillation, compressing, condensation, drying, and cooling.

Fermentation Process

CO2 gas can be taken from the fermentation process and passed through a series of purification processes.

Adsorption Tanks

A CO2 recovery plant can consist of two adsorption tanks filled with drying agent molecular sieves to remove moisture from the gas.

YouChi Gas has decades of experience configuring end-to-end brewery solutions and individual plants and components, so we have detailed knowledge of each stage in your processes, including those upstream and downstream of CO2 recovery. We use all this combined knowledge and insight to design solutions that can optimize CO2 recovery and refrigeration efficiency while keeping your capital investment as low as possible.

Where possible, our systems can also help minimize resource use and recover energy. The waste heat from the CO2 recovery system’s compressor can be reused in other parts of the brewery to help reduce overall energy costs.

The YouChi Gas CO2 recovery technology is fully automated, which further helps to improve energy efficiency when compared with a manually controlled system. There is also less need for manual intervention, freeing up personnel for other tasks.

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