Containerized Oxygen Plant

Containerized oxygen generation systems provide a mobile, turnkey solution for on-site oxygen production. The oxygen plant is pre-installed inside a standard shipping container, enabling quick deployment and seamless integration. These all-in-one oxygen factories must be transported to the site and connected to power and feed air supplies. They immediately begin generating oxygen reliably and efficiently.

The benefits of containerized oxygen plants include:

  • Mobility - Can be easily transported and commissioned at any location
  • Plug-and-play operation - No complex on-site integration is required
  • Durable outdoor design - Containers protect the system from weather and contamination
  • Automatic controls - Unattended start-stop functionality for ease of use
  • Available oxygen pressure up to 4 bar(g) - Direct pipeline supply
  • Optional compression to fill cylinders up to 200 bar(g)
  • 93-95% oxygen purity levels - Suitable for most industrial and medical applications
  • Small footprint - Containers require minimal space
  • Quick installation - Oxygen production in days versus weeks

With their all-in-one functionality and rapid deployability, containerized oxygen generation systems provide vital on-site oxygen economically, even in the most challenging and remote locations.

Are You Interested in Finding A Supplier?

Youchi Gas containerized oxygen plants are designed for extreme environments and will cope with ambient temperatures of -20 °C to +50°C. The conversion of the container includes lighting, insulation, ventilation, and ducting to provide a neat space-saving solution that can be installed in any environment without regard to the ambient conditions.

Product Advantages

Containerized Design for Turnkey Simplicity

These on-site nitrogen and oxygen generator systems feature rugged factory assembly into ISO-standard containers, enabling swift delivery, setup, and commissioning. The plug-and-play modular design ensures reliable start-up and consistent gas production.

Proven Cryogenic Technology for Maximum Uptime

Drawing from decades of cryogenics expertise, the plants utilize robust industrial-scale air separation technology paired with sturdy controls tolerant of even harsh environments. This enables stable 24/7 operation and autonomy from liquid deliveries.

Built for Any Climate And Conditions

Engineered to perform in extreme cold, heat, altitude, or humidity, these generators leverage integrated insulation and conditioning, allowing optimal functioning everywhere – from polar regions to deserts.

Comprehensive Support And Responsible Design

Customers gain access to guidance from experts over the entire system lifecycle – from advising on ideal plant specifications to installation, operation, and maintenance support. Environmentally conscious designs focused on energy efficiency complete the offerings.

By blending battle-tested industrial cryogenics with cutting-edge convenience, these all-in-one nitrogen and oxygen generators deliver reliability, autonomy, and responsiveness for self-sufficiency.

People May Ask

What Liquid Is The Coldest on Earth?

The coldest material known has a boiling point of -452 degrees Fahrenheit for liquid helium. It is also the only substance on earth that only ever exists as a cryogenic liquid and a gas.

What Do I Need Liquid Nitroglycerine for?

nitrous oxide liquid U ebr>br>Examples of typical applications include food product freezing and transportation. cryopreservation of biologically abundant material, including sperm, eggs, and animal genetic material. Use a coolant for vacuum pumps, semiconductors, and other materials and equipment.

How Old Am I in Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is also readily available in liquid delivery, bulk form, and a variety of tank sizes. We provide pipeline supply systems, a more affordable and dependable alternative to existing upply modes, for those who frequently consume goods in huge volumes.

Can Liquid Nitrogen Be Used to Cook?

Where a small layer of gas forms between your skin and the liquid as a result of the effect.More

Who Produces Liquid Nitrous?

Praxair Inc. (U.S.), Air Liquide.A. (France), The Linde Group (Germany), Me er Group (Germany), Nexair LLC. (U.S.), Taiyo Nippon Ano Corporation (Japan), Air Product and Chemical, Inc. (U.S.), Gulf Cryo (United Arab Emirate), and Emirate Industrial Gas Co. are the major vendors in the liquid nitrogen market.

Is It Possible to Buy Nitrogen to Fill My Tires?

The cost of adding nitrogen to your tire varies by area. Additionally, you might buy tires that have nitrogen already injected into them. Before buying your tire, look into the cost of nitrogen tire filling stations in your neighborhood.

Can You Consume Liquid Nitrogen-Infused Water?

safety worry. Due to its incredibly low temperature, liquid nitrogen can be very harmful to human health, leading to frostbite and cryogenic burns upon contact. If consumed, it can cause significant internal harm, including damage to the digestive tract and mouth.

Do You Expend Liquid Nitrogen?

Depending on whether liquid nitrogen is manufactured locally or purchased from a supplier (supplied in bulk), the cost can range in the United States from $0.13 to $1.78 per litter. It is quite affordable to produce liquid nitrogen on-site and can cost as little as $0.13 per litter.

Liquid Nitrogen Can Be Purchased without A License.

You have the option of receiving liquid nitrogen delivery or picking it up in person from a supplier. You'll need a vehicle that can transport your dewar from the upplier back to your home or place of employment if you're picking it up there.

Is Liquid Nitrogen Available at Home?

Unfortunately, using everyday household items won't actually produce liquid nitrogen. The good news is that you can make alcohol that can withstand extremely low temperatures, specifically opropyl alcohol. This alcohol can replicate some of the properties of liquid nitrogen, particularly its capacity to reach extremely low temperatures.

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