Helium Purifying Plant from YouChi Gas Design

Helium purifier removes impurities from helium gas, such as oxygen, nitrogen, water, oils, and hydrocarbons. The YouChi Gas helium purifier system is designed specifically to purify helium only. It uses an activated carbon bed immersed in a liquid Nitrogen bath. It will remove the following impurities by freezing or liquefying: water, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Argon, and hydrocarbons. It will impede the flow of Nitrogen significantly to produce a very clean outlet stream of the source gas. This unit includes a powerful regeneration system to remove the impurities trapped within it, allowing for repeated use of the purifier traps.

The Process of Hydrogen Recycling

Diversion from Landfill

Millions of single-use household plastics are collected, baled, and diverted from landfills. Bales are transported to the FusionOne site and stored ready for processing.

No Separation Automation

Bales are placed into the HydroPlas system without the need for sorting or cleaning. HydroPlas system automatically shreds and grinds the plastic to optimum size.

High Temp, No Emissions

Shredded plastic enters the reactor where it is subjected to very high temperatures in a zero oxygen controlled environment, This means no combustion or burning so no emissions and maximum resource recovery.

Thermal Decomposition

The long polymer chains of the waste plastic break down into shorter, simpler chains, becoming a hydrogen-rich syngas stream. This is the thermal decomposition in action, clawing back the components of the waste plastic.

Energy Recovery

Energy is extracted from the otherwise wasted heat produced and used to power ancillary equipment. Every step is taken towards energy efficiency and a circular economy.

Fue Cell Pure Hydrogen

The now-cooled syngas enters our secondary system, separating and purifying into various gaseous commodities. The hydrogen stream, the majority of the gas, is purified to 99.997%, which is suitable for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Zero Emission Vehicle Charging

The hydrogen is pressurized and stored in our gas station-ready storage system for zero-emission vehicles to refuel.

Green Energy

Excess hydrogen is piped to a particular power generation system, sending green energy into the grid.

Our system can process multiple carbon-based feedstocks but has been optimized for Plastic Waste. Various sustainable commercial products are produced as outputs, including fuel cell grade pure Hydrogen and Zero Emission electricity.

People May Ask

What Does VP A Oxygen Cost?

"The new VP A y tem co t u only $345 per day for electricity, compared to over $1,000 per day with the 'cryo' plant," said Kirk Ba, who is in charge of overseeing wastewater treatment. "When pursuing a novel course of action, you always hope for the best. This one has not only paid off but also progressed swiftly and effectively.

What Components Make up The P A Oxygen Plant?

Components of a P.A. plant include compressors, dryers, filters, oxygen generators and consumption materials, boiler compressors, oxygen analyzers, safety valves, and PLC systems, among others.

For What Does P. A. Stand?

P A stands for Public Service Announcement, and in a standard sense, it refers to a message that is broadcast to the general public in order to raise awareness of a certain issue.

I P A until You Said?

After undergoing surgery or radiation treatment for prostate cancer, the PAT i ued to check on men to see whether their cancer had returned. After receiving prostate cancer treatment, a man's P A level may start to rise, which could be the first sign of a recurrence.

What Are The Variations Used Or Employed in The P A Oxygen Plant?

In order to measure the oxygen concentration and flow, ultrasonic oxygen analyzers are frequently used in oxygen concentrators. Since there are other gases besides O2 and N2 present during air separation, such as Ar and CO2, oxygen concentrators often have purity levels lower than 95%.

What Is The Cost of The Indian P A Oxygen Plant?

A P A oxygen generator can cost anywhere from 10 lakh to 70 lakh with a capacity of 10 m3/hr to 50 m3/hr. The cost for a small to medium-sized P A plant is this. Most industries in the mall sector would be able to accommodate demand with 10 to 50 m3/hr of capacity.

Which Corporation Produces The Most Oxygen in The World?

The largest oxygen (O2) production facility in the world was formally opened by Air Liquide and the integrated energy and chemical company an ol today in outside Africa.

How Does P A Technology Work?

Pre-ure wing adsorption (P A) is a method used to separate some types of gas under pressure based on the molecular characteristics and affinity for an adsorbent material of the gas in question (usually air).

What Does A P A Medical Oxygen Plant Cost?

Various LPM P A Oxygen Plant and Generator Prices: LPM' of P A Oxygen Plant Price10 lakh INR at 50 LPM15 Lakh INR for 100 LPM30 lakh INR at 250 LPM500 LPM 45 Lakh INR

What Is P A in The Production of Oxygen?

Pre-ure wing ad orption (P A) oxygen generators are devices that use an adsorbent to remove nitrogen gas from the air to create oxygen that is 90% to 93% pure. Vacuum pre-ure wing adorption (PV A), vacuum pre-ure wing adorption (VP A), and vacuum wing adorption (V A) are the three names for the procedure.

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