Oxygen compressor security requirement for manufacturer

1.Compressor production, testing
transportation subject to the requirements and accord with JB/T6905-2004 “diaphragm compressor”, GB22207-2008 “volume-type air compressor safety requirements,” and the relevant laws and regulations.

2.Temperature Control
2.1 The compressor discharge temperature of various compression levels can not exceed 160 ℃, the crankshaft box oil temperature shall not exceed 70 ℃.
2.2 It is certain to equip oil over-temperature alarm and shutdown protection devices. If necessary, equip protection device for outlet gas temperature alarm.
2.3 The water-cooled compressor should equip cooling water monitor alarm.

3.Pressure Control
3.1 Each compression level should equip safety valve, safety valve should accord with JB/T6441 requirements.
3.2 Each compression level need equip gas gauge and oil pressure gauge.
3.3 Appropriate pressure control devices should be configured to prevent the discharge pressure excess, as well as compressor overload.
3.4 All pressure vessel that comes with compressor, need satisfy the national relevant laws and standards.

4.1 components and piping whose temperature exceeds 80 ℃, shall equip high-temperature warning label, and install appropriate protective equipment.
4.2 Moving parts or electrical which are of human hazard, should equip a reliable protective measures.
4.3 Parts or pipes which can’t bear heavy need to do proper protection and marking.
4.4 High-pressure jet which may harm the human body, there need paste on warning label, and take appropriate protective measures.

5.factory inspection
5.1 pressure parts, piping and pipeline accessories need to do water pressure test or air pressure test, the test pressure is 1.5 times of the maximum working pressure, keep this pressure for 30 minutes without leakage.
5.2 Water pressure test should be done on cooling water line with pressure 0.6MPa, keep this test pressure for 30 minutes without leakage.
Before leave factory, compressor needs continuous operation for 24 hours, including at least eight hours of full load operation.

6.Random data
6.1 Compressor need provide certificate of competency and inspection reports, inspection reports shall include: continuous operation records, records of water pressure test, records of air pressure test, every alarm, temperature and pressure protection device test records, and other inspection records required by national laws and regulations standards.
6.2 The supplier should provide compressors user manual and maintenance instructions, provide the safe operation requirements for compressors, providing test operating practices and precautions to paste on.

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